Alternative Careers for Teachers (part one)

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You have checked the resignation dates for teachers and no you need to find something new. But what alternative careers for teachers exist? Will you be taken seriously outside of the classroom? Yes, you will – this overview post will get you thinking, other posts will go into more detail on some of the topics discussed. The closer you are to teaching the easier it will be to negotiate a similar salary so during this article we will start close to home and work our way out. If I miss anything, leave a comment to let me know. If you want to just start searching, try these websites out first. If you are interested in other alternative careers for ex-teachers; read part two here.

Alternative Careers for Ex Teachers

Find a new school?

Not all schools drain the life out of you like some sort of educational vampire. If yours is, step one might be to consider how a change of setting might help. Lot’s of schools have quite individual approaches to ethos and this can significantly impact well-being and workload. Carefully think do I want to leave teaching? If yes let’s try one more option first.

Teach abroad

Would the job be more bearable in the heat of Dubai or the bustle of Barcelona? Teaching your subject abroad is highly feasible as QTS remains desirable globally. There are still places you can live in incredible comfort on a teacher’s salary, such as parts of China, and still have money left for investment in the UK. The other teach-abroad option would be to look at Teaching English in a language school, even if it is not your Degree subject; your native tongue happens to be sought after, lucky you.

Find a new role within school

I promise we will move further afield soon, but lot’s of teachers find that there are other roles within school that suit them perfectly. Support roles are not well paid, but if you are less worried about finances then you could consider a TA or pastoral/behavior management role that will keep you close to the job you recognise but without the stress that you currently feel.

Schools Recruiter

Colleges and Universities often have teams of people that visit schools in their target areas and ‘sell’ the idea of joining their institution. The role typically involves attending careers and HE fairs and enthusing about your employer’s facilities. This is perfectly suited to ex-teachers because you possess confidence, can talk to children, and know how to deliver complex information in a digestible manner. You can often find these sorts of roles on and

Academic Tutor

This sort of role is perfect for ex-teachers as it is an academic role that isn’t deeply subject specific enough to usually require a Ph.D. In this role you will support University students with their research and writing, supporting their understanding of Level 6 & 7 requirements. This is a fun role if you enjoy working with literature and in a support capacity. These roles are usually readily available on but opportunities and pay may differ regionally.

Learning Technologist

This role typically lives within University Faculties and focusses on Curriculum Design. If you were the goto VLE guru, or always had your finger on the pulse of learning technology this might be an alternative career path you should consider. Again, refer to for current roles. Whilst specialist degrees exist in this area, a large part of it is about understanding the way people learn; sound familiar? I find salaries for this sort of role vary significantly depending on the University but expect to earn £25-45k.

Human Resources

The Learning & Development department design and implement training for staff. If you have given a school CPD, you have explored this avenue already. Guardian Jobs is a good place to start for corporate roles like this. If you enjoy working with adults and don’t mind being part of the corporate machine, a role like this can not only be rewarding but also offer more progression opportunities that a teacher might encounter.

Moving forward

This post is the first in a series that will hopefully get you thinking about the possibilities outside the classroom. Use it as a starting point and if you see something you like, it’s time to write your resignation letter. You are on your way!

If you haven’t already – register your CV with this recruiter and let the offers come rolling in. If you want to know the benefits of doing this simple task – read this!

Read part two here.

Need inspiration? Check out this list of job websites for ex-teachers.


Let me know in the comments section about other suitable careers you have discovered.

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