Alternative Jobs for Teachers – 51 Alternative Careers for Teachers

My Story; leaving my beloved teaching career

In 2016 I was trying to figure out how to leave the teaching career I had dedicated a decade to. Planning, marking, data analysis and the overwhelming fear of never experiencing life beyond the school walls consumed every waking moment. I was at risk of ruining the relationship with my child. Hurtling towards 40 years old; if I wanted to quit teaching, I was running out of time. Finding alternative jobs for teachers became my hobby; I was desperate to look elsewhere but kept coming across the same few job roles listed. I had a lot of self-doubt over my employability.

51 careers for ex teachers a book of alternative jobs for teachers

Fast forward a few years; I have left the classroom behind and discovered a thing called “work-life balance”. Still earning above £40k a year, I don’t take work home unless I want to. I feel in charge of my development and now I’m given the time and resources to be successful.

Why I wrote a book to support teachers who need career advice

Teachers who want to leave the profession receive little support. Furthermore, any conversation about leaving “the vocation” was served with a hefty portion of guilt! I see people who decide to take ownership of their career, life, and health as being powerful; does this sound like the direction you want to head? I saw the need for books that focussed on these areas and published my first two in 2020. “51 Careers for Ex-Teachers” and “Quitting Teaching: The Escape Plan” are both available on

Learn how to prepare to quit teaching, or gain inspiration about the career paths desperate for people with your expertise; visit Amazon and pick up your copy!

Alternative Careers for Ex Teachers

Where to start in your hunt for a job

As a teacher you are used to finding work in a particular way, usually beginning and ending with Suddenly, as an ex-teacher you are cast into the world of the unknown and searching for jobs can be overwhelming, particularly when you don’t know what transferable skills you possess. Above all, If you are certain you want to seek work outside of the teaching profession, read this quick-start guide that will introduce everything from Teacher Resignation Dates, Notice Letter Templates and the Job Websites for Ex-Teachers! The future is in your hands.
I am here to help; reach out on Twitter if you need any 1:1 support!

51 Careers for Ex-Teachers – the book!

Leaving teaching is a challenging situation; I should know, I’ve been there!
In this guide, I introduce 51 rewarding careers that are waiting for experienced professionals like you to fulfill! I remove the guesswork and demystify the process of leaving the classroom and finding a more rewarding (personally or financially) career-path.

I started as a supportive environment for teachers looking to leave the profession who are unsure what alternative careers exist. When I left my role in Leadership I struggled to find guidance that was guilt-free and practical; blogs introduced the same 8 careers and I struggled to identify my transferable skills. If this sounds familiar, this guide will not only pinpoint your expertise and transferable skills; it will also introduce 51 specific career paths, expected salaries and entry requirements. Order your copy today!

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to recognise and celebrate your transferable skills?
  • Identify what features and benefits you need from your new career?
  • Discover 51 Exciting Careers crying out for people like you?
  • Set foot outside the classroom and into a new rewarding job?

This book will inspire and reassure you, there is life outside the school gates!

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