hourly pay for teachers what is the hourly rate for teachers in the uk

Hourly Pay for Teachers

February 24, 2020 alex 2

The hourly rate for UK teachers is a difficult one to calculate. We can assume that the majority of teachers work more than 37 hours […]

leadership payscales 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 payscales for school leaders

Leadership Pay Scale (UPDATED 2020)

February 23, 2020 alex 0

Teacher salaries are nationally agreed; this includes those amongst you on the Leadership Pay Scale. This salary range includes School Leaders in Middle Leadership positions […]

teacher resignation information dates, salary and terms of contract

Teacher Resignation FAQs

February 21, 2020 alex 6

When can I resign as a teacher? Teacher resignation dates are agreed nationally in order to align recruitment cycles and allow school leaders to plan […]