Can Teachers Leave at Half Term?

can teachers leave at half term

The resignation dates for teachers are very clear; resignation usually coincides with the end of a full academic term. This allows school leaders to plan their staffing for the forthcoming term and aligns recruitment nationally; meaning that staff are available for roles when these vacancies are open. This leaves many wondering about the opportunity to leave at a different stage of the year and the question needs answering; Can Teachers Leave at Half Term?

The Simple Truth

If you have decided to quit teaching, chances are you want to leave as soon as possible. You should consider the impact on the children you teach but it is crucial that you make a decision that is best for you and your wellbeing. If you find yourself a long way from your next resignation point it can be a bitter pill to swallow but resignation is likely to be rejected unless you plan to leave at the end of a term, as per the official Conditions of Service recgonised by schools across the UK.

What are your options?

When Teachers leave at half term it is generally hard to find a new teaching role. With this in mind, if you plan to leave the profession you will likely be unconcerned and could start a negotiation process with your school’s Leadership.

It is up to your Principal/Head Teacher when they will accept your resignation. This means theoretically you can negotiate an early release from your contract if it is agreeable for all parties. This might be the case if you are currently signed-of and don’t intend to return to work. The best way to know if this is feasible to is to approach your Senior Leader and seek their advice, alternatively, you could speak directly to whoever deals with the details of personnel; it might be wise to ask for anonymity in this request. It’s time to work out your next steps!

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