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Jobs for Ex-Teachers Education Officer

Jobs for Ex-Teachers

If you are UK teacher ready to quit or have already handed in your resignation, knowing what jobs for ex-teachers exist can be hard. I found this to be the biggest hurdle in terms of increasing my confidence and making the final decision to leave the teaching profession. I knew my wellbeing was suffering, I knew I was unhappy but I didn’t really know what my transferable skills were, or what value an ex-teacher had in the job market. I made this website to support anyone who is currently in this place and needs advice about what to do next. I am now an ex-teacher, employed in a job I love, with a new-found sense of wellbeing. This regular series of articles has been written to introduce the careers that exist outside of the classroom, and hopefully, give you the confidence to make a positive change in your life.

Education Officer Role

Defining the role of Education Officer is difficult because it is a general term used for someone employed to facilitate, enhance and promote educational opportunity within an organisation or community. This challenge is also one of the most exciting facets of the Education Officer role as the work is varied and driven by the skills gained as a teacher. Some roles will see you working within a Cultural Organisation, such as a Museum or Art Gallery, providing learning opportunities for visitors. If you have children and have ever taken part in a workshop at a museum, you will have experienced the work of an education officer. Alternatively, you might be employed by your Local Authority to work with a specific profile of young people in the community, supporting their progress through qualifications. A good example of this would be working with children in care as part of the Virtual School system; where looked-after children have access to extra support beyond their normal schooling to make sure these vulnerable children are meeting their potential.

You can see that the term is catch-all for someone who is ready to advocate for education. Because the employer definition varies so much you should carefully read the Job Description to get a full understanding of the specific role you are applying for.

Why is it a good job for Ex-Teachers?

You are going to be working closely with young people and their families, something ex-teachers are already skilled at. You will probably be designing curricula and delivering informal or formal lessons in the form of workshops. Depending on the specific nature of the role you apply for, you may find your skills in data-analysis and tracking are useful in Local Authority roles, where a vibrant, engaging personality will be in demand at Galleries, Museums, and Zoos. As far as jobs for ex-teachers go, this one is familiar in purpose without some of the bureaucracy seen in schools.

How much will I get paid?

The significant range of duties means that obviously pay can vary significantly with cultural organisations usually paying less. Expect to earn £22-30,000 depending on your authority with opportunities to progress and earn significantly more.

How do I apply for these roles?

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