Ex-teachers – which jobs website is best?

Jobs for ex-teachers – where to look?

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Knowing where to look for roles outside of teaching can be difficult, we are so used to using the network established during our time teaching. However, jobs for ex-teachers are available if you know where to look. This list of websites is here to inspire and get the ball rolling, however, I would advise that your first step should be to register your CV with a recruiter.

Hopefully, you are keeping up with my posts about alternative careers for teachers. In the meantime, the following links are the best jobs websites for ex-teachers. Let me know if it helps! If you want to stay working within schools but just want to leave teaching, there is a guide to inspire you here.

If you haven’t registered your CV – do so now:


Registering for an account now will mean you start getting offers, whilst you are starting to figure things out. If you want to read any case studies of ex-teachers in new careers, read this article.

*This list is updated regularly – if a good website is missing, let me know in the comments.

Start your Job Search here

AppJobs – A slightly unusual niche and one you might not immediately consider but bare with me. This site specialises in flexible work and has the potential to provide a supplementary income whilst you figure out what you want to do, apply for other jobs or build a nest-egg before whilst you work your notice. There are vacancies for Tutors, Tour Guides and Deliveroo riders – all of which can be taken as Second Jobs and provide some financial freedom. Be brave and take a look!

jobs.ac.uk – The best search engine for jobs within Higher Education Institutions across the UK. Bring your knowledge of education to exciting new roles such as Learning Technologist, Graduate Tutor, Schools Liaison Officer etc.

fejobs.com – Similar to the above, except focussing on Further Education. A variety of non-teaching roles are listed every week.

allcruisejobs.com – perfect for MFL Teachers looking for a very different job. As the URL suggests these jobs are all based on Cruise Liners; probably best suited to those without significant commitments.

artsjobs.org.uk – If you are an Art Teacher looking to escape the classroom, this website is the best resource for employment within the arts sector.

museumjobs.com – A great resource for those want employment in the cultural sector. Not just for History Teachers, this site usually has lots of interesting education officer roles available.

CV-LIbrary.co.uk – One of the largest employment sites in the country. This is useful if you want to upload your CV for recruiters to access and contact you, but also offers a huge range of job listings from every Industry. Very good for research.

Guardian Jobs – Before I discovered the more niche sites, this was one I visited daily. You can refine by sector, region, and salary. With a little bit of URL hacking you can get really specific (Article to come).

New Scientist Jobs – Great for ex-teachers with specialisms in the Sciences, Maths, Engineering, and Geography. You will find 100s of roles available here.

Remember to register an account on CV-Library today, then upload your CV as soon as possible!

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