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learn a new skills
Learn a new skill

When I felt I overwhelmed at work I found I was spending money trying to feel happy and never really got there. What did help me feel better was taking the time to learn a new skill. I had always loved photography and whilst I aspired for my photos to look better I hadn’t ever had formal training and wasn’t sure where to start. Youtube was a good start but the lack of structured lessons meant my attention drifted.

*Keep reading for a 2 month free trial to Skillshare!!*

Then I found Skillshare!

Skillshare is a teaching platform, like a NETFLIX for lifelong learners, it has over 27000 classes with topics ranging from setting up a small business, making pasta, taking better photographs and writing novels; with many others to choose from. I enrolled on classes in photography but have since gone on to learn accounting for my own businesses, perfected my pizza recipe, and continued my development in Leadership. OK, so I pay a monthly fee, but I only pay £7 a month which is less than a decent book on Amazon and provides unlimited access to all of the skillshare content.

£7 a month?

If it seems like a lot, consider the expertise you are tapping in to for the cost of a bottle of wine. 27000 lessons ready to access and you can dip in and out as required. Friends coming for dinner? Take a lesson in making masterful cocktails and the most delicious curry you have ever tasted. Job interview in a different sector? Brush-up on management speak and presentation techniques commonly used in business. The scope is huge.

Can I get it for free?

Actually, yes! I have teamed up with Skillshare to offer teachers (and anyone reading this article) 2 months free access to their Premium service. This is TWO MONTHS, with no commitment and the opportunity to cancel at any stage. If you fancy a couple of months of learning fabulous new skills or improving old ones – click here and get started instantly.


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