Leave Teaching but stay in education?

leave teaching but stay in education

You have probably already realised how challenging it can be to find suitable jobs outside of the classroom and leave teaching. In fact, the numbers of teachers that want to quit but simply can’t find the route are incredibly upsetting. You know that this website is dedicated to providing support to those that want to leave teaching, and this article will introduce some further roles that might be suitable for those considering a life beyond the classroom whilst retaining a foot in the door of the education sector.

If you need any further ideas on jobs for ex-teachers, there is plenty more guidance throughout the website.

Jobs within Schools

Firstly, you should accept that those in the classroom tend to be the best paid in the building. Consequently, any other employment in the school is likely to result in a reduction in salary and holiday. However, you may be willing to accept this should it come with a reduced workload and increased sense of wellbeing. You should also consider the reasons you want to leave teaching if it is school climate you will feel the impact of a poorly managed school or Trust no matter where you sit in the building.

Exams Officer – someone equipped to deal with the administrative challenges that arise from registering pupils on the correct qualifications. You will handle communication between awarding bodies and SLT and Heads of Department as well as being the significant responsibility during any period of externally-set examination. You are likely to earn around £25k a year working office hours in this role.

Attendance Officer – pupil and parent relationships will be a key part of this role. You will have responsibility for driving adherence to the attendance and punctuality policies and have key targets that respond to them. This might be an interesting job for those that want to maintain proximity to children and not be stuck in an office (door-knocking to collect truants is going to be a regular occurrence). You are likely to earn circa £25k a year working office hours in this role.

House Parent – if you enjoy the pastoral side of the role then working as a House Parent might be an interesting place to look. Key responsibilities and salaries vary significantly but you will responsible for a safe out of school experience for pupils at private boarding schools.

Business Manager – this can be a lucrative position that tends to sit within School Leadership. This will require the experience of working with financial accounts and developing strong relationships with key stakeholders including sponsors, governors, executive trust, and so-on. The pay and benefits rightly suggest this wouldn’t be a role to take if you are interested in reducing your workload.

Industry Specialist – this can be a way of enthusing about your subject without significant teaching responsibilities. The name of this role tends to change from school to school but most vocationally focussed schools will have some form of industry specialist employed; check UTCs and Studio Schools as a priority. The role will tend to involve championing the school’s industry focus with the children, parents, and teachers as well as doing outreach work with local employers.

We are starting the scratch the surface here, a good place to start would be using the TES Job Search to look specifically for non-teaching roles.

For Jobs outside of schools, you should start with our guide.


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