Want to Leave Teaching – Do this NOW!

If you want to leave teaching, you need to upload your CV today

To the Ex-teacher and the Stressed Teacher, if you are ready to leave teaching and desperately seeking an escape. You need to do one 45 minute task right now. Update your CV focussing on a specific area you are interested in and then upload it so you can sit back and let Recruiters find you. This serves two purposes.

  1. You can continue your job search whilst recruiters approach you.
  2. You can see the sort of roles recruiters are considering you for.

If you are getting lot’s of offers that are teaching based, you haven’t been specific enough within your opening statement on the CV. Prepare something like:

“Having worked as a teacher for (x) years I have specialised in supporting vunerable children through their academic study. I have now left the teaching profession to use this expertise in a new capacity.”

Prepare a brief CV that summarises your key transferable skills. Useful points might include:

  • Working with young people
  • Managing relationships with a variety of stakeholders (in teaching this is teachers, children, SLT, governors, Parents)
  • Planning and delivering curricula (useful if moving into HR or a training role)
  • Balancing a varied workload
  • Analysing and reporting on data
  • Managing time effectively to meet internal deadlines

You need to make your opening statement one that clearly & positively identifies that you have left the teaching profession. Write your opening gambit as if the decision has been made (it has) rather than a prospective, feelers-out, passive statement. Avoid statements that are aimed at Headteachers, translating for the wider world of work.

“My knowledge & expertise in data analysis was developed through my managerial Leadership role in a 1000 pupil Secondary School. I am confident in identifying, collating and interpreting data sources, defining trends and establishing solutions in a time sensitive manner.”

Make the Introduction a very clear statement; I have left teaching to do a new job.

Once you have a CV, upload it to a CV agency and the recruiters will come to you!

I recommend signing up for:


jobs by AdView

Pure Jobs

Why should I bother?

If you are honestly talking about leaving teaching but haven’t got 45minutes to an hour to upload your CV to the suggested websites you are not taking the first action. Even if you decide to stay in teaching for the short-term it is worth doing. Why? Because it takes so little effort, but the benefit is HUGE! You upload your CV and recruiters chase you! How easy is that?! It can work away in the background, you will get approached when suitable roles appear and you can say “No, thanks” as many times as you want. But occasionally you might see something that sounds really interesting, and you haven’t had to research at all – the recruiter wants you already!

I found it really difficult to work out what jobs I was suited to; recruiters will tell you this.

Finally, it feels SO GOOD to know you have taken that first step. If you a definitely sure you want to leave the profession you NEED this bubbling away on the back-burner, even if it is a few months before you want to bite.

So, register on those sites today. Spend an hour polishing your CV (aimed at a general area of expertise) and upload it today. It’s a magic money tree, for employment; you just need to plant the seed.

Good Luck!

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