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Leaving your teaching job for a new career can be a daunting but rewarding decision. When I made the decision to leave the profession, I found it challenging to identify which employers would value my skills and how to transfer into a new profession without taking too much of a pay cut. If this sounds like a familiar thought pattern, you are not alone! Around 2000 people visit this blog each month looking for guidance about how to quit teaching and being a new career; regaining a work/life balance and waking up each morning with a spring in their step! I published a guide to the calculated hourly pay for teachers as a way of highlighting the fact that a perceived pay-cut can actually be a pay-rise! Leaving Teaching Jobs & Career Advice can be hard to come across, and I wanted to change that!

I decided in late 2019 that I wanted to produce books for teachers like you; ready to leave the profession but uncertain how to begin the hunt. Consequently, my first two eBooks were devised:

51 careers for ex teachers a book of alternative jobs for teachers leaving teaching jobs51 Careers for Ex Teachers

Leaving teaching is a challenging situation; I should know, I’ve been there!
In this guide, I introduce 51 rewarding careers that are waiting for experienced professionals like you to fulfill! I remove the guesswork and demystify the process of leaving the classroom and finding a more rewarding (personally or financially) career-path. Looking for inspiration? Need advice regarding leaving teaching jobs & careers? This book will reassure you about your worth and options.

When I left my role in Leadership I struggled to find guidance that was guilt-free and practical; blogs introduced the same 8 careers and I struggled to identify my transferable skills. If this sounds familiar, this guide will not only pinpoint your expertise and transferable skills; it will also introduce 51 specific career paths, expected salaries and entry requirements.

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to recognise and celebrate your transferable skills?
  • Identify what features and benefits you need from your new career?
  • Discover 51 Exciting Careers crying out for people like you?
  • Set foot outside the classroom and into a new rewarding job?

This book will inspire and reassure you, there is life outside the school gates!

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leaving teaching jobs quitting teaching jobs for ex-teachersQuitting Teaching: The Escape Plan

The teaching profession brings many rewards, but when you decide you want to explore other employment options it can be difficult to find the guidance and reassurance needed to make the change. I set up QuittingTeaching.co.uk in response to my own struggles to leave the profession and find information about how my expertise might apply to different careers.
This book is your entire Escape Plan. I break down the steps to consider when deciding to leave the profession and signpost the myriad of opportunities that await you once you leave the classroom.

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to prepare for your big career change?
  • Define the vast range of transferable skills you can bring to a new career?
  • Identify your passion and ‘non-negotiables’?
  • Discover the vast range of non-teaching opportunities waiting for you?
  • Hear stories from teachers that ‘took the plunge’ and found a new life outside the classroom?
  • Investigate the opportunities for side-income and passive-income?
  • Learn how to travel the world on the back of your teaching-expertise?
  • Find a career outside teaching that makes you excited each day?

This book teaches you all of this and more!

Leaving teaching can be an idea full of uncertainty and guilt; I aim to reassure you and empower you to make the decision that changes your life and provides a positive future. If you feel confused about how to get started, want inspiration or just need a little push; Quitting Teaching: The Escape Plan is your no-nonsense guide to life after teaching.

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