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*The Current FREE Trial will earn you around £45 so even if you decide not to continue with Profit Accumulator it’s a nice bit of cash in the pocket!* – SIGN UP

The Profit Accumulator Website provides a better intro than I ever could, but continue reading for my experience!

The biggest obstacle in stopping people from changing an unhappy life is insecurity. When I wanted to leave teaching I knew I would take some level of salary reduction and when people approach me for support the number one worry is always “I can’t afford to change career”. This is because we are accustomed to thinking our money should come from one source. If you study genuinely wealthy people they will have multiple income streams – this alleviates risk and insecurity.

About 18 months before I quit teaching I started creating income streams that would offset any reduction in salary – a YouTube Channel that pays for my Summer Holiday, A Print Business that pays my Credit Cards etc. I needed something that would provide a higher level of income without the levels of work that these two required, I found an answer in Profit Accumulator.

I am quite cynical about anything that suggests I can make money with a small amount of work; as a teacher, I was used to a huge amount of work for little money! However, I had heard about Matched Betting a number of times of the years and thought that a little investigation wouldn’t hurt.

Within 10 days of signing up to Profit Accumulator I had £500 in my bank account that wasn’t there when I started and I hadn’t gambled any money.

How does it work?

Profit Accumulator is a website that guides you through a process called Matched Betting. I found I wanted to watch the introductory videos a few times to fully understand the process and differentiate matched betting from normal gambling. It works by taking advantage of the offers that Bookmakers provide on a daily basis to keep people betting, by using Profit Accumulator you can gain profit from these offers without gambling money.

An Example

The Bookmaker is offering a FREE £20 Bet for anyone placing a £10 Bet.

You Bet £10 through the bookmakers site on Liverpool to beat Man City.

Profit Accumulator will instruct you to bet a similar amount on Liverpool not beating Man City using something known as an Exchange Lay Bet.

At this point your two bets cancel each other out. Profit Accumulator has a piece of software called the Oddsmatching tool that makes this process very easy. This part of the process is called a Qualifying Bet – you are qualifying for the Free Bet offer; you might make a loss of a few pence in order to gain the £20 Free Bet but imagine someone offered to give you £20 for 20p – you would take it, right?!

Once the match has been resolved your two bets will settle and your free bet will be available to use. Profit Accumulator will then tell you how to use this bet to ensure a profit. You will place your free bet and once again place a lay-bet on an exchange.

If this still seems complex, don’t worry, the Profit Accumulator website is full of tutorials and an amazing forum to support beginners and experts alike.

The Reality

COST: The website isn’t free to use. BUT you will earn the monthly membership fee in one bet, and once you build confidence and speed you will be placing multiple bets a day. It is worth paying for the Profit Accumulator because it literally does all the hard work – it tells you how much to bet and on what event to equal profit and is constantly updated. It also provides daily updates on what offers to take advantage of and how to maximise your income from them. The video tutorials mean that you will understand each step of the process.

TIME REQUIRED: The majority of people on the site reckon you need about 2 hours a day to earn above £1000 a month. How does that compare to your hourly pay as a teacher? Pretty good eh? Most of this time can be spent with the laptop in front of the TV. If you can commit less time, that’s also cool – you might earn less but can just be picky about what offers you do to maximise your efficiency. I am currently doing about 30mins to 1 hour a day – I should take about £700-800 this month. Don’t worry if the first few bets take longer – you are going to spend more time at each step – it took about one week for me to pick up the pace and start putting on multiple bets in the hour I had allocated myself.

LEGAL STUFF: Matched Betting is entirely legal, there are no repercussions here – so don’t worry! As the income is classed as coming from Gambling, your earnings are completely tax-free too. Does it get any better?!

Should I Sign up?

Profit Accumulator currently offer a free trial which will earn you about £45 tax-free profit. By the time you have completed this you will probably have seen the light and realise how life changing an extra income can mean. Put it this way – I pay my mortgage and car finance without having to go to my day job. Would that make a difference to you?

Sign up to the free trial – make some money and decide if you want to invest an hour a day to earn a salary boost each month.

The monthly fee is £17.99 but you will pay that with one bet and can do multiple bets in an hour. That monthly fee gets you access to step by step guide to Matched Betting, talking you through the offers and the order to sign up to them. It’s honestly the easiest money I have ever made, and in a weeks time you will be telling your friends about it.

The Free Trial is easy to sign-up for and even if you don’t like it you will have an extra £45 in your back pocket. I would be surprised if you don’t sign up to the monthly membership as you will quickly realise how this could pay for summer holidays, home revamps, mortgage deposits etc. JOIN TODAY.

I need more information

Visit the website and watch the videos to get a flavour of how things work. They do a really good job of illustrating the process and how easy it is to profit.


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