Resignation Letter Teacher Template (FREE)

The decision to resign from teaching, or apply for a role at a different school, can bring anxiety. One of the challenges is crafting a letter that succinctly describes your intention to leave without causing further stress or leading to animosity with your current employer. Before I share the Resignation Letter Teacher Template, here are three rules to craft your own.

  1. Be Polite
  2. Be Professional
  3. Be Concise

Resignation Letter Teacher Template

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If you want further tips on how to craft a great resignation letter, here is some expansion on the rules above:

  1. Keep it professional. You might well have a great relationship with your employer but your resignation letter should stick to professional, formal language to avoid any confusion over the message.
  2. Keep it Concise. Your resignation letter isn’t the time to provide a complete run-down of your issues with the school, SLT or workload. Theoretically, it doesn’t have to include anything other than your intention to leave.
  3. Keep it polite. You may be leaving your teaching role with some animosity but your resignation letter shouldn’t be the space used to air this grievance.
  4. Thank your employer for the role. This might be difficult in some circumstances but a short “thank you for the opportunity this role has provided” goes a long way!
  5. Identify your role during the transition period. Taking time to identify how you will complete tasks, projects etc. can be useful. “I look forward to supporting my pupils until the end of the academic year”.

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