Teacher Wellbeing Doesn’t Exist

teacher wellbeing doesn't exist

Teacher Wellbeing? Don’t make me laugh!

Teacher Wellbeing, does it happen? One of the first things that surprised when I quit teaching and started my new job was my employer asking what I do for Self Care. Huh? I had barely had time to visit a GP since I started, Teacher Wellbeing was an alien concept. So does it exist? If you need help with your wellbeing, start here!

If you are looking for practical ways to start supporting your wellbeing, you will find this article useful. I talk through some of the non-medication routes I have taken to support the medical care I receive. This is great if you are bored, isolated, lonely etc. and just want someone to show you a route.

The number of articles on workload and stress paint a bleak picture for teachers across the UK. The profession has got to breaking point and it’s unclear how to recover. This Blog is primarily aimed at supporting people that want to leave teaching finally find the strength to quit, but that process takes time. I felt vulnerable when I wanted to quit teaching but couldn’t find the route. Every drive to work, my Garmin Watch recorded my heart-rate creeping up, by the time I was 3 lessons in my Stress measurements were through the roof (by the way, if you don’t have a fitness tracker I recommend this one).

I want this place to be a community, where like-minded people can share stories and offer support – so I am interested in what you do to keep sane? What do teachers’ do for wellbeing?

Personally, I found I could ‘switch-off’ when I was doing very physical exercise, HIIT or Weight-Lifting. But my motivation was so low I really struggled with momentum and, as is typical of those who have left their ideal weight at the cake aisle, felt disheartened when progress was slower than I wanted.

I have found more and more schools have introduced mindfulness, as a device to use with children. I do buy into this, I use mindfulness techniques every day. In fact, I introduced it to my young daughter (6) a few months ago and she asks me to talk her through a meditation each time I put her to bed. If you haven’t yet tried meditation or dismissed it. I promise you, a little bit of practice pays off.

I recommend an Audible membership for a number of reasons. Audiobooks are an incredibly fun way to consume books, fiction books are well acted (I recommend the Rivers of London series or The Martian) and non-fiction books tend to have the added dimension of being read by the author. This means you get an expert teaching you amazing stuff for a few pounds a month. I have had a membership for about 4 years and whenever I cut monthly services to save money, Audible is the one that stays (above NETFLIX!!).

The reason Audible is so good for this topic is you can get so many books about Mindfulness on there. I use Dr Danny Penman’s Mindfulness Audiobook most nights if I need to reset. If you haven’t tried already I would absolutely recommend you try a FREE membership which includes a FREE audiobook. I would suggest you get one non-fiction such as the Penman Mindfulness book alongside a fiction book, so you can experience the service in full.

If you haven’t already got your CV sorted, read this article and realise why you are missing an easy win!

I have a series of tips to restart your “you time” >> get started now!

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