Teacher Workload – Books to help you manage the pressure

When I worked out the hourly rate for teachers, one thing struck me; the pay isn’t a problem – the hours required to perform effectively are! Teacher Workload is a continual topic of discussion in staffrooms, EduTwitter and any time you happen to reveal your profession to another human being! Many teachers have invested huge amounts of time into their Subject Pedagogy and not taken the steps to build efficient approaches to planning and assessment. If you are thinking about quitting teaching because of your workload, firstly take time to check you are being effective in managing your time. In order to help you develop some approaches, I will recommend some books that I have found useful in developing my approach to managing time and workload effectively.

Mark. Plan. Teach.: Save time. Reduce workload. Impact learning. by [McGill, Ross Morrison]Mark. Plan. Teach. by Ross Morrison McGill

Published by Teacher Toolkit and a well-known guide to honing your expertise in (and beyond) the classroom. If you can streamline your approaches in these three areas, you can begin to claim back more of your own time.

How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

If you tend to panic when the workload mounts-up and struggle to start anything, this easy to digest guide could help rewire your thinking and allow you to build a toolkit for “getting things done”. Whilst not aimed at teachers, the techniques are implementable and provide a framework for getting on top of things.



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