Teachers Leaving the Profession: Success Stories

teachers leaving the profession

One of the challenges about wanting to leave teaching is the lack of trailblazers; people who have boldly taken the steps already and made their mark in a new career. Teachers leaving the profession tend to disappear into their new lives without passing the knowledge on. This set of interviews intends to change that! Here you will meet a number of teachers who have left the profession and are able to inspire and encourage your next steps. So, go and check your resignation dates and make a plan that will change your life!

Click on the following links to read interviews with ex-teachers who have started new careers.

  • Teacher to Charity Worker
  • Teacher to T-Shirt Designer (coming soon)
  • Teacher to TEFL (coming soon)
  • Teacher to Tutor (coming soon)
  • More – coming soon!!

How big is the problem?

The number of teachers leaving the profession is skyrocketing; a recent survey by The National Education Union found that 40% of teachers want to leave the profession within 5 years. Considering teaching was historically a lifelong career, this is clearly indicative of the challenging landscape that teaching professionals have to navigate on a daily basis. There is still not the level of support required to retain teachers, consequently, it is no surprise that I receive so many questions daily from teachers wanting support in changing career. If you need urgent help, DM me on Twitter.

Have you recently quit teaching? Leave a comment or DM me if you want to be interviewed for the Teachers Leaving the Profession series.


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