Headteacher Resignation Dates

Resigning your Headship can be a difficult, sometimes upsetting decision. You have built a vision for the school but now recognise the opportunity to move onwards – either developing your career in education, moving to a consultant role or looking forward to a well-earned retirement. The Headteacher resignation dates are set to ensure that school’s have smooth transition periods and a suitable replacement for your hard work can be sourced. Changing jobs can be daunting at any level, take time to find a role that works for you either within education or in a totally different sector.

Alternative Careers for Ex Teachers

The Headteacher resignation dates work in a similar pattern to classroom teacher resignation dates but allow for a slightly longer recruitment process. Use the table below to work out your resignation date:

I want to leaveI should resign by
At the Christmas Holidays30th September
At the Easter Holidays31st January
In the Summer Holidays20th April

It is in the interests of schools to use the Summer period for reconfiguring Senior staff but the decision has to be one you make for your career, family and wellbeing. Furthermore, a decision to resign from Headteaching provides the opportunity to consider bringing your expertise to roles outside of the confines of the school walls. Take time to consider roles in Teacher Education, Leadership Consulation or even organisations like Ofsted.


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