Leaving Teaching – Six Step Plan

If you are sure about leaving teaching, it’s time to make a plan. There are a few steps to follow in order to quit teaching, and it won’t happen overnight, but if you are serious about leaving teaching – then let’s get going! Remember this process can take a long time, so if you are starting to feel like leaving teaching is a decision you want to make, start this plan early so you don’t get caught out. Even if you don’t end up leaving teaching, the steps will help you consider what you want from a teaching job.

You need to register your CV now. Imagine you like fishing, you can only cast the line out so many times before it becomes exhausting. However, if you leave a net in the water, the fish will come to you. I recommend you register your CV on CV-Library. By registering on that site, you also help us out!

Step One – know the resignation dates for teachers

You are contractually bound to a set of resignation dates that align you with other teachers across the UK. I am always surprised when teachers don’t know they have certain deadlines for handing in their notice. Plan ahead and read this short article that explains the resignation dates for teachers.

Step Two – think about what lies ahead once you leave teaching

You need to consider the reasons you want to leave teaching, and the reality you might face once you do. This article forces you to consider the priorities you are looking for in your new career and focuses your job search.

Step Three – learn about alternative careers for ex-teachers

The thing I struggled with the most, when I decided I was leaving teaching, was what alternative careers for teachers existed? Teacher retention is a huge national problem, so finding information that showed me what I could do if I quit teaching was rare. This article starts to inspire you with the types of jobs your skills are suited to.

Step Four – use our recommend websites for ex-teachers to find a job

I was so used to using TES to find jobs that I suddenly felt lost. Finding industry-specific job websites that might be good for ex-teachers was a challenge. This list is constantly updated and allows you to quickly access a range of different job listing sites that I have already identified are perfect for teachers that want to quit.

Step Five – write a killer application form

The anxiety that quitting teaching can create is one that has you second guessing your ability to leave teaching and find another job. This article (upcoming) introduces the steps you need to take to translate your skills to the skills your future employer is seeking. You got this! Need help? Comment or Follow and DM me on Twitter!

Step Six – prepare your teacher’s resignation letter

Now you are definitely leaving teaching, you need to draft a teacher’s resignation letter. These cause more stress than is required, keep it simple. I explain the process you need to go through and even provide a resignation letter template for you to use.

Now, most importantly, consider your Wellbeing!