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  1. Hello I have given my resignation for family reasons and will be finishing at the end of the summer. If I change my mind and decide not to leave after all can I still tell the school or is this too late now that they have acknowledged my letter?

    • That would be up to the Headteacher really. Giving notice triggers quite costly processes as the school will aim to replace you and reconfigure departments to accommodate. If they recruit a new teacher the answer is essentially “no”, if they don’t find anyone else then it would depend on how kind the Headteacher felt.

  2. Thank you. This is what I thought but was wondering if people do this sort of thing or if this is really unusual?

    • It’s definitely been done, I know someone who did this quite recently actually. If you think you might want to retract, I’d do it sooner rather than later. Once May 31st comes around loads of Job adverts go out and you may find it harder to negotiate.

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