Teacher Resignation Dates

teachers resignation dates

Want to leave teaching?

As workloads increase and salaries stagnate, is it any wonder that more teachers are seeking an alternative; either in a new school or a new career altogether! Over 3750 teachers were signed-off sick with stress in 2018, and unfortunately, that number isn’t shrinking! The problem is that many teachers feel guilty about admitting they want to leave the profession. Two things often happen when a teacher shares their ideas; either their colleagues make them feel guilty or join a moan-fest that doesn’t result in any action. I found getting advice about quitting teaching hard, but getting started was very easy. So if you are ready to leave your teaching job, you need to know the teacher resignation dates!

The teacher resignation dates should be at the forefront of your mind if you want to leave the profession. Unfortunately, you are tied to a contractual agreement that stops a teacher resigning mid-term. Obviously, this is to protect the needs of the school but makes the approach to teacher resignation dates a stressful one. According to the official guidance, a teacher that wants to resign should use the following guidelines.

Teacher Resignation Dates in the UK

I want to leave…I need to resign by…
31st December31st October
30th April28th February
31st August31st May

Essentially if you want to resign from teaching you need to work around term dates e.g. if you want to leave after Christmas you need to make sure you have handed in your resignation letter by the end of October Half Term. Furthermore, for the sake of schools I would be as early in the window as possible, giving them time to recruit a suitable replacement; but never hand in your notice until you are absolutely sure you want to leave. Not sure what to do next? Read our Guide!

If you need to write a resignation letter, download our free template.

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