Teacher Resignation Dates 2020

teacher resignation dates 2020

I am always concerned with how many teachers don’t know they are committed to long notice periods. This is to protect the school and make sure some consistency is established for the children, as such the Teacher Resignation Dates 2020 align with End of Term Holidays. Essentially if you want to leave at the end of the term, you should submit your notice by the half-term proceeding it. According to the Burgundy Book, a teacher that wants to resign should use the following guidelines.

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Teacher Resignation Dates in the UK

I want to leave…I need to resign by…
Summer 201931st May 2019
Christmas 201931st October 2019
Easter 202028th February 2020
Summer 202031st May 2020
Christmas 202031st October 2020

If moving to another teaching role this is fairly straightforward as recruitment follows the same cycle. However, it is more challenging when you want to leave the profession and clarity over your leaving date will support you seeking work elsewhere. You should be applying for work around 6 – 3 months in advance of when you intend to leave the profession, providing a 12 week notice period would be acceptable in most of the roles you will likely be looking at. Some companies have incredibly long recruitment processes and you want to avoid approaching your intended notice period without a firm offer. Now you know the teacher resignation dates for 2020, it’s time to start planning your next steps!

If you need to write a resignation letter, download our free template.

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